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A great gift for yourself or your loved ones. Our Provençal herbs olive oil will brighten up any dull day fresh notes of thyme, oregano and rosemary. Our iconic green olive tapenade makes toast extra delicious. Enjoy our sweet and creamy aromatic mango vinegar with its floral and fruity notes. Bursting with flavour, this is real treat for your taste buds which is sure to enhance both sweet and savoury dishes.  

Advice on use

Provençal olive oil is a great way to add some flavour to grilled or slow-cooked meats (beef, lamb, pork, poultry) or for dressing green and mixed salads.

Our mango vinegar doesn’t just pair well with duck breast or a caramelised pork, it also tastes great with desserts like mango and coconut verrine.

Spread our green olive tapenade on toast or use it to give your dressings a unique touch!


1. Preparation made from extra virgin olive oil 99% and Herbes de Provence  extracts 
Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 99%, herbes de Provence extracts (thyme, oregano, rosemary) 1%
*(170g of herbes de Provence are needed to flavour 1L of olive oil). 

Nutritional values 100 ml - Energy:
3428 kJ / 819 kcal - Fat:91 g - of which saturates: 13 g - Carbohydrate: 0 g - of which sugars:0 g - Protein: 0 g - Salt: 0 g.

2. Vinegar with mango puree
Ingredients: vinegar 43%, mango puree 36% sugar, thickener: pectin.
Nutritional values 100 ml - Energy:
498 kJ / 119 kcal - Fat: 0 g - of which saturates: 0 g - Carbohydrate: 29 g - of which sugars: 27 g - Fibre: 0 g - Protein: 0 g - Salt: 0.03 g.

3. Seasoned green olive paste
Ingredients: green olives 82% (green olives, water, salt), capers 6% (capers, water, wine vinegar, salt), extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar (sulphites), anchovy cream 2,6% (salted anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus-anchoita), olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, spices), garlic, pepper.
Made in a factory using: celery, crustaceans, eggs, milk, molluscs, mustard, nuts and sesame.

Nutritional values 100 ml - Energy:
100 g: 1015 kJ / 247 kcal - Fats: 26 g - of which saturates: 4.0 g - Carbohydrate: < 0.5 g - of which sugars: <0.5 g="" -="" proteins:="" 1="" 5="" salt:="" 3="" 6="" br="">
OLIVE OIL : Store in a cool dark place. 
VINEGAR : Shake well before use. Once opened, store in a refrigerator.
PASTE : Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and use within 8 days.


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