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These are olfactory molecules that we’re able to capture during the process of macerating the ingredients in the oil.

Aromatic truffle olive oil requires a little flavouring to strengthen its taste. Since the flavour of truffles is very volatile and difficult to transfer into oil, we need to intensify the result of maceration with flavourings. In terms of our aromatic lemon olive oil, maceration alone is not enough to create an oil that captures all the complex flavours. We’ve therefore chosen to combine it with lemon essential oil for a stronger flavour, reproducing all the aromatic notes of lemon.

Tous nos produits sont disponibles dans nos boutiques de Lyon et de Nice. 

Our plants and seeds come from our own breeding programs. They’re selected for their taste, agronomic qualities, suitability to the soil and their sensory qualities: scent, colour and texture. This way, we secure our resources by preserving the genetic heritage of these delicious plants for future generations. Our teams of researchers are constantly looking for new varieties and frequently collaborate with scientific bodies from across the globe.

For generations, our partnerships with farmers and our agricultural expertise have enabled us to control the entire crop production process: from preparing the soil to harvesting. Our cultivation managers control and manage the various stages. Aromatic plants are fragile so, in order to capture all their natural goodness, we harvest them using equipment that’s been specially designed by us. We ensure all our plants achieve optimal aromatic development by cultivating them in open fields in adapted production basins. We aim to have our manufactories located as close to the place the plants are harvested as possible. This ensures they’re processed quickly, preserving all the natural qualities of the freshly harvested plants.

It all starts with sending our specifications to our partners. We explain our expectations, particularly with regards to the desired fruitiness and intensity. The samples received are then tasted by a panel to assess the oil’s flavour and verify that it doesn’t contain any defects. We then carry out a series of tests to verify the regulatory criteria and draw up a certificate of analysis which must be validated by our Quality Department. If the samples meet all our quality criteria, we place an order with our partner.

In keeping with our commitment to the protection and preservation of nature, all our packaging is recyclable except for our stoneware bottles which can be reused. They make great decorative objects too!

All our products should be stored at room temperature and protected from light and heat before opening. After opening, keep aromatic vinegars, walnut oil, sesame seed oil, mustards, spreads, olives and dressings in the fridge. Other products should be kept at room temperature. If in doubt, this information is also provided on each product.

Like all oils, our extra virgin olive oils, aromatic olive oils and nut oils don’t contain sulphites. Our sherry vinegar and non-organic balsamic vinegars contain sulphites. Our vinegar & fruit products contain trace amounts of sulphites.

A l’Olivier produces aromatic vinegars, which are made by combining alcohol vinegar with fruit purée, as well as traditional balsamic vinegar and sherry vinegar. Our PGI balsamic vinegar is a blend of cooked grape must and wine vinegar. Sherry vinegar originates from the Jerez region of southern Andalusia and is derived from the fermentation of sweet wines specifically made from either Palomino, Pedro Ximénez or Moscatel (Muscat) grapes. Combined with our oils, our vinegars make the perfect dressing for your salads. Balsamic vinegar and our fruit vinegars can also be used for deglazing meats and taste great drizzled over desserts, like cheese for example.

Marinades, dressings, garnishes: our aromatic oils have different uses depending on their flavour and the cooking method. As a dressing, they give salads a real pop of flavour. In a marinade, just a few drops give meat or fish real culinary character. As a garnish, it’s a delicious finishing touch that will take any dish to a whole new level.