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organic virgin toasted sesame seed oil
  • organic virgin toasted sesame seed oil
  • organic virgin toasted sesame seed oil
  • organic virgin toasted sesame seed oil

Organic virgin toasted sesame seed oil

An organic product that respects farmers and the environment, all whilst offering an exceptionally high-quality flavour.



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Made from organic sesame seeds, our sesame seed oil is meticulously selected by our experts. Toasted virgin sesame seed oil will add a delicate, nutty flavour to your recipes, similar to that of Tahini sauce. All you need is a drizzle to spice up a plate of stir-fried vegetables or a ginger and soy sauce salad dressing.

Advice on use

This organic oil tastes great with sautéed or braised vegetables, or in a salad dressing with ginger and soy sauce. You can also add a few drops to your meat, seafood and fish marinades, or add it to a prune tagine.


Blend of organic virgin sesame oils
Ingredients: organic virgin sesame oil, organic virgin toasted sesame oil.
Perfect for dressings or as a finish to a dish. Store in a cool dark place. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator.

Nutritional values 100 ml - Energy: 3404 kJ / 828 kcal - Fat: 92 g - of which saturates: 15 g - Carbohydrate: 0 g - of which sugars: 0 g - Fibre: 0 g - Protein: 0 g - Salt: 0 g.

The extra touch

  • A l'Olivier

    Quality ingredients

    Our seed and nut oils are made from ingredients specially selected for their great taste.

  • A l'Olivier

    A perfectly balanced flavour

    Thanks to our milling expertise, we achieve a subtle balance between the toasted flavour and characteristic taste of sesame seed.

  • A l'Olivier

    Easy to store

    Our opaque packaging protects the oil from light, improving shelf life

  • A l'Olivier

    Easy to use

    A drizzle of oil is all you need to give your dishes the perfect finishing touch.

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