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I was home and my order is marked as delivered, but I didn’t receive anything.

COLISSIMO HOME DELIVERY - SIGNATURE TRACKING: our courier will require a signature upon receipt of the parcel for all orders with signature tracking. In this case, don’t hesitate to contact us at with your order number to check your order’s delivery status. The package cannot be delivered without the signature of the recipient.

COLISSIMO HOME DELIVERY - NO SIGNATURE TRACKING: The parcel will be dropped off in the letter box specified by the sender or made available by any other means agreed between the addressee and La Poste. La Poste may take the initiative to hand the parcel over to any person present at the address. Otherwise, and if it proves impossible to drop the parcel off in the letter box, La Poste may hand it over to a neighbour, watchman or caretaker who agrees to accept the delivery. The addressee will be informed of the contact details of such a person on a notification dropped off in the letter box at the address specified by the sender. No signatures are given or required for these parcels.