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pgi balsamic vinegar of modena - spray bottle
  • pgi balsamic vinegar of modena - spray bottle
  • pgi balsamic vinegar of modena - spray bottle

PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - Spray bottle

The practical spray bottle makes it easy to measure out and distribute the vinegar. 




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The ultimate balsamic vinegar, to be enjoyed every day to bring a touch of sophistication your favourite recipes. This vinegar is presented in a spray bottle to make it easier to measure out and garnish your plates.

Advice on use

This vinegar pairs well with honey and soy chicken or duck breast with honey.

It also tastes great in dressings, drizzled over a green salad or raw vegetables.

You can also use it in sweet dishes such as red berry strudels.


Balsamic vinegar of Modena – 6% acidity Ingredients: wine vinegar, cooked grape must. Contains sulphites. Nutritional values 100 ml - Energy: 518 kJ / 121 kcal - Fat: 0,1 g - of which saturates: 0 g - Carbohydrate: 25 g - of which sugars: 25 g - Fibre: 0 g - Protein: 0 g - Salt: 0 g..

The extra touch

  • A l'Olivier

    An incredible land

    The city of Modena lies at the very centre of Italian gastronomy, and became the birthplace of traditional balsamic vinegar in 1598.

  • A l'Olivier

    Rich in character

    True to the tradition of Modena, our balsamic vinegar is made from cooked grapes, giving it a complex flavour.

  • A l'Olivier

    Protected geographical indication

    The PGI identifies an agricultural product, raw or processed, whose quality, reputation or other characteristics are linked to its geographical origin.

  • A l'Olivier


    Unlike many balsamic vinegars on the market, ours don’t contain any additives.