Plancha and olive oil : perfect harmony for chefs

As the warmer weather settles in, the desire to eat out in the garden is enticing… We invited chefs Nicolas Bottero and Thierry Court to share lunch around a plancha grill and surprise us with their seasonal outdoor meals !


The meal began with a slice of toasted country bread, grilled pine nuts, olives/tomatoes in PDO Nice olive oil and seared sardines…all entirely cooked on the plancha grill. Here is the recipe :
Seared sardine open sandwiches with olive oil lemon sauce
Ingredients for 4 people :
4 slices of country bread / 4 boned sardines / 2 ripe tomatoes / 1 grey shallot
1 lemon / 1 blanched clove garlic / 1 bouquet of fresh herbs / 8 pitted black olives / 30 g pine nuts / PDO Nice olive oil / salt and pepper
Cut the tomatoes, shallot, olives and garlic into tiny dice. Quickly sear them together on the plancha grill with the pine nuts. Set aside in a salad bowl with the PDO Nice olive oil, the lemon juice and zest, salt and pepper. Toast the slices of bread on the plancha grill.
Quickly sear the sardines skin side down on the plancha grill using baking paper to protect them.
Assemble the sandwich with the bread, olive oil sauce and sardines.
Continue with “Stir-fry of marinated farmhouse chicken and grilled peppers”. To enhance this popular recipe, which resembles Poulet Basquaise, the chef added our virgin hazelnut oil…an absolute success!
To finish off the meal, we were delighted with roasted (directly on the plancha grill) strawberries with peppermint olive oil. An extraordinary combination ! To complete the dish, the chef added almonds toasted on the plancha grill, home-made Tahiti-vanilla ice cream and small meringues !
So, if you also have a plancha grill, think of our extra virgin and flavoured olive oils to delight your guests, live ! 😉


Photo credit: Aurélie Jeannette