Kitchen Breakthrough : Pan-fried scallops with mango vinegar

Here is the new Kitchen Breakthrough recipe from Chef Keisuke : “Pan-fried scallops with mango vinegar“.
A simple and refined way to pep up scallops ! A deglazing tip using mango vinegar, which is also suitable for cooking prawns or white fish.

mango vinegar
Add a touch of character to your pan-fried scallops, deglaze them with our mango vinegar and passion fruit!
A cooking tip that chef Keisuke has given us to easily bring flavour and colour to scallops, white fish, duck breast or even caramelised pork. This mango vinegar, with mango pulp, combines the sweet, creamy flavour of the fruit with the acidity of the vinegar. Think about using it for your desserts – it will add a pleasant zing to coconut and mango verrines.
mango vinegar
RECIPE : Pan-fried scallops with mango vinegar

For 1 person :
3 scallops / 1 shallot / 2 passion fruits / some mesclun / 1 slice of gingerbread / 1 lime / A l’Olivier mango vinegar

Finely chop the shallot, sweat it and put it to one side. Cut through the passion fruits and keep the pulp. Season the scallops with salt and pepper. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and add the scallops, then cook until golden brown on each side.
Once the scallops are golden brown, remove them and discard the oil. Deglaze the pan using 2 tablespoons of mango vinegar, then pour in the passion fruit.
Allow this to reduce gently, then replace the scallops in the pan along with the shallots and drizzle with a thin stream of olive oil.
Finish cooking and arrange on a plate with a little mesclun, the gingerbread and the zest of one lime.


The method can be seen at the end of the video – find it on the A L’Olivier YouTube channel ! !