Dressing shakers

Our A l’Olivier dressing shakers are out ! Ready to use, perfectly balanced dressings that are ideal for all of your carpaccio recipes, from starter to dessert ! Here are a few ideas for associating flavours – Shake away with A L’Olivier !


Dressing shakers
Start with a carpaccio of fennel (1) finely sliced and seasoned with the “Rosemary olive oil + lemon + thyme” shaker. A quick, fresh and healthy starter to tickle the taste buds !
Continue with a carpaccio of smoked salmon (4) enhanced with our “olive oil + citrus vinegar + capers” shaker and a few chives. A combination of North Sea and southern orchards for a passionate association in the mouth.
For the meat dish, here is a carpaccio of beef fillet lightly seared on a plancha grill using the A l’Olivier “Basil olive oil + bell pepper vinegar + garlic and 5 peppercorns” shaker. The acidity of the vinegar mingles with the mild olive oil before finishing with a hint of garlic. Perfect for raw and marinated meats.
To finish on a light note, a carpaccio of white and yellow nectarines with whipped cream, combined with the “Lime olive oil + mango vinegar and ginger” shaker. A dressing similar to a spicy fruit coulis that will surprise your taste buds !
Use your imagination for recipes using the shakers. The possibilities are endless and the flavours are unique! Shake away !


Photo credit : Aurélie Jeannette