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For many years, the Bailly – A L’Olivier group has been at the side of the catering industry’s professionals by providing competitive and quality solutions for dressings.

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  • Fruit Pulp Vinaigrettes

The Oils

We focus our know-how and experience on our refined range of oils, the showcase of which remains the basil olive oil. Using a patented process, the oil is made from the maceration of fresh plants. It’s the oil’s truly authentic flavour that makes it stand out. An olive oil with natural lemon extracts, a chilli oil and an extra virgin olive oil complete the range. The bottles, made out of PET, offer beautiful presentation and have a resemblance to glass. However, in comparison to glass, the PET bottles have two major advantages: they’re solid and light.

20 ml / Lemon olive oil 20 ml / Lemon oil
20 ml / Basil olive oil 20 ml / Extra virgin olive oil
20 ml / Chilli olive oil
The Oils


Our vinaigrettes are unique. We do not add water or additives and we only use ingredients of the highest quality, such as extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil, balsamic vinegar from Modena and sherry vinegar. The advantage of using grape seed oil is that the vinaigrette does not solidify whilst being stored. We have also created a  more price-competitive vinaigrette made out of rapeseed oil.

Balsamic vinaigrette Balsamic olive vinaigrette
Basil vinaigrette Lemon vinaigrette
Sherry vinaigrette Rapeseed vinaigrette

Fruit Vinegars

50 ml / Red pepper with Espelette pepper 50 ml / Fig
50 ml / Tomato 50 ml / Mango
50 ml / Raspberry 50 ml / Blackcurrant
50 ml / Passion fruit
Fruit Vinegars

Fruit Pulp Vinaigrettes

With inspiration from the secret recipe of the fruit pulp vinegars, A L’Olivier has created several new and original vinaigrettes. Here are five gourmet blends which are going to liven up your meals: Basil & Tomato, Raspberry & Hazelnut, Olive & Pepper, Walnut & Blackcurrant, Ginger & Passion fruit. Due to its continued success, the vinaigrettes come in our miniature format.

20 ml / Basil & tomato 20 ml / Ginger & passion fruit
20 ml / Walnut & blackcurrant 20 ml / Raspberry & hazelnut
20 ml / Olive & pepper
Fruit Pulp Vinaigrettes
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