RECIPE N°6: Girolle and button mushroom tartlet with black olive, fig and hazelnut cream

The Christmas festivities always present an opportunity to bring woodland wonders indoors onto our tables. This delicious recipe is enough on its own, and also works perfectly with red or white meat to add character to the dish.

To enliven the girolle and button mushroom tartlet, Chef Christian LE SQUER has created a creamy sauce for a rounded and fresh finish. The earthy and peppery notes of the girolles and button mushroom go perfectly with lemon thyme, or also with mildness of hazelnut and fig.

A tartlet which will amaze your taste buds.




Girolle and button mushroom tartlet with black olive, fig and hazelnut cream


Preparation time: 20 minutes / Cooking time: 10 minutes

Ingredients – 4 servings:

– Sauce

The four main ingredients used in this recipe have been curated in an A L’Olivier branded gift box

  • 4 tartlets (small tart bases, either ready-to-use or home-made)
  • 16 small button mushrooms
  • 100 g small girolle mushrooms
  • 100 g aubergine caviar jar
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • Chopped tarragon
  • Optional: sorrel leaves and marigold blossoms or a salad of dried flowers (roses, cornflowers, marigolds) 



– Sauce

In a mixing bowl, combine the black olive tapenade, virgin hazelnut oil and lemon thyme infused olive oil, then incorporate the fig infused vinegar.

– Dish

Rub the girolles and button mushrooms and, if necessary, cut to the same size.
Add extra virgin olive oil to a frying pan and slightly brown the mushrooms.
Add the sauce at the end of the cooking process.
Garnish the tart base with a tablespoon of aubergine caviar, and top with the mushroom mixture.



Place the tartlet in the centre of the plate.
Sprinkle over the chopped tarragon, sorrel leaves and flower blossoms.
Spoon or pipe 4 dashes of aubergine caviar around the tartlet.
Add a generous amount of sauce around the tartlet.




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