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Recipe : Purple artichoke pie with garlic and thyme olive oil


Have you heard of the tarte tatin ? But what about artichokes tatin-style ? Ask your green grocer for some Provence purple artichokes or “poivrade” (baby artichokes). They are easy to find; it is the start of the season. Use a good short crust pastry, fresh herbs and our garlic & thyme olive oil. Put […]


Plancha and olive oil : perfect harmony for chefs


As the warmer weather settles in, the desire to eat out in the garden is enticing… We invited chefs Nicolas Bottero and Thierry Court to share lunch around a plancha grill and surprise us with their seasonal outdoor meals !


Kitchen Breakthrough : Green bean and cherry salad with lemon and ginger olive oil


Here is the new Déclic en Cuisinevideo recipe with chef Keisuke Matsushima: “Green bean and cherry salad with lemon & ginger olive oil“. An idea full of freshness for salads with that extra something ! Discover the combination of green beans and cherries (the first of the season !), lemon and ginger…


Dressing shakers

Our A l’Olivier dressing shakers are out ! Ready to use, perfectly balanced dressings that are ideal for all of your carpaccio recipes, from starter to dessert ! Here are a few ideas for associating flavours – Shake away with A L’Olivier !


A L’Olivier boutique Lyon


We have established our 3rd store in Lyon, 33 Cours Franklin Roosevelt à Lyon, which has a reputation for its beautiful shops. Here, Eric welcomes you in his cavern of 1001 oils…discover our world in pictures !


Kitchen Breakthrough : Sea bream, fennel and avocado rillettes with Corsican grapefruit olive oil


Here is the new Déclic en Cuisine video recipe with chef Nicolas Bottero : “Sea bream, fennel and avocado rillettes with Corsican grapefruit olive oil”. An easy, refined recipe that explodes in the mouth. Fresh sea bream is enhanced with mild avocado, crisp fennel and a touch of acidity from the Corsican grapefruit that is […]


Kitchen Breakthrough : Potato crumble with thyme lemon olive oil


Here is the new Kitchen Breakthrough recipe from the kitchen of chef Keisuke Matsushima: ‘Potato crumble with thyme lemon olive oil“.’ A simple recipe that explodes in the mouth with a lemon thyme finish, producing a strident note of freshness. Ideal for accompanying fish or white meat, for example as a cold entree !


Recipe : Small green asparagus, salad dressing with fresh herbs and olive oil featuring Menton lemons


It is full-on asparagus season. Let’s take advantage of this, and prepare it fresh, in a salad or side; it takes no time at all! Just try to season it with some fresh herbs and our olive oil with Menton lemon… a pure delight.


Olives at the table !


A sunburst highlights the range of table olives from A L’Olivier! Decked in various colours, our olive bottles surely deserve a place on your appetizer table…. Look for our Picholines, a certified AOP line of black olives from Nyons and Nice, and you must try our Lucques green olives !


Wild garlic is back


It’s that time of year again! Wild garlic plants are sprouting in the undergrowth all over France. Our workshop will soon be receiving deliveries from our suppliers in Diois, between Vercors and Baronnies, so we can make our wild garlic olive oil.

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