Our flavoursome oils, vinegars and vinaigrettes make ideal culinary aids. They are instruments of your creativity. The Daily range is there for everyday cooking.

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Plant Macerations

Using an original recipe for capturing flavours, A L’Olivier is developing a range of infused oils which includes fresh plants, mushrooms, fruits and spices. Originating from our soils, these specialities give the extra virgin olive oil added aromatic complexity.

250 ml / Pink garlic from Lautrec 250 ml / Lemon from Menton
250 ml / Basil from Drôme 250 ml / Tomato & Espelette pepper
250 ml / Périgord truffle 250 ml / Provencal herbs
Plant Macerations

“Mère Goutte” Olive Oils

The term Mère goutte goes back to the 19th century. The term refers to the first drop of oil from the olive paste to fall into the wicker basket, even before the paste has started to be pressed. This first drop, the best according to the connoisseurs, was once sold in this form by our company. Today, the term Mère goutte remains a symbol of the company, indicating an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, cold extracted in Provence.
The seal of origin  “Olive oil from France” represents a guarantee that our oil is made from olives harvested in France, and extracted in a French mill.

250 ml / 500 ml / 1l / Fruity green 250 ml / Organic fruity green
250 ml / the Baux-de-Provence Valley AOP / NOUVEAU 250 ml / Provence AOC / NOUVEAU
“Mère Goutte” Olive Oils

Olive Oils of the World

For decades, we have been scouring the Mediterranean basin looking for the best vintages. Discover our selection of world oils from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. The origins of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are as diverse as the pleasures they give.

250 ml / PORTUGAL varieties: Cobrançosa and Arbequina 250 ml / SPAIN varieties: Hojiblanca
250 ml / ITALY varieties: Ogliarola 250 ml / GREECE varieties: Koroneiki
Olive Oils of the World

Nut and Seed Oils

A L’Olivier offers a delicious range of nut oils – walnut, hazelnut, almond, argan and seed oils – sesame and rapeseed. Some are made in our mill using traditional artisanal methods whilst others, like the argan and sesame seed oils, are imported.

250 ml / Virgin walnut oil – French walnuts 250 ml / Hazelnut oil – Roasted flavour
250 ml /Almond oil – Roasted flavour 250 ml / Organic virgin Argan oil – Fruits from Morocco
250 ml / Organic virgin Sesame seed oil – seeds from Mali 250 ml / Organic virgin grilled Rapeseed oil – French seeds
Nut and Seed Oils

Traditional Vinegars

To accompany its vast choice of olive and fruit oils, A L’Olivier takes its vinegars from the traditional wine producing regions: Bordeaux, Champagne, Modena, Sherry… The quality of the wines, the density of the must, the mastering of the fermentation and the art of aging are all factors which we take into account in order to produce the best traditional vinegars.

250 ml / Balsamic vinegar from Modena 250 ml / Bordeaux wine vinegar
250 ml / Vinegar from Sherry 250 ml / Reims wine vinegar
250 ml / Cider vinegar from Normandy 250 ml / White wine and tarragon vinegar
250 ml / Red wine and shallots vinegar
Traditional Vinegars

Fruit Pulp Vinegars

A L’Olivier invites you to discover the freshness of its fruit pulp vinegars, essential nectars for the deglazing, dressing and accompanying all of your dishes. The secret of the A L’Olivier recipe: a slow maturation process which allows for optimal homogenisation.

250 ml / Passion fruit 250 ml / Red pepper with Espelette pepper
250 ml / Fig 250 ml / Raspberry
250 ml / Tomato-Basil
Fruit Pulp Vinegars

Our Emulsions of Oils and Vinegar

In today’s world, we are all aware of the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables and maintaining a more balanced diet. However, we realise that that it’s not always easy to make appetising and healthy meals every day. At A L’Olivier, we have developed some delicious emulsions, pairing our most loved flavoured oils with our tastiest fruit pulp vinegars. Smooth and original, our emulsions are made solely from natural ingredients rich in omega 3. Here are some suggestions to add a quality dressing (with a bit of zest) to your salads, raw and steamed vegetables.

Tomato / Basil Raspberry / Hazelnut
Passion fruit / Ginger Blackcurrant / Almond
Fig / Argan Pepper / Garlic – Rosemary
Mango / Sesame
Our Emulsions of Oils and Vinegar

The Gourmet Vinaigrettes

Devised in our workshops, our gourmet vinaigrettes are made purely with natural ingredients: olive oil, balsamic vinegar and natural extracts. They delightfully accompany green and mixed salads and are also versatile for all sorts of dipping sauces and marinades (with a slice of rustic bread, an artichoke or even a leek).

250 ml / Nature 250 ml /Basil
250 ml / Lemon 250 ml / Truffle

Box of 12 miniatures

4 olive oils & balsamic vinegar 4 lemon olive oils & balsamic vinegar
4 basil olive oils & balsamic vinegar

A L’Olivier has designed a unique bottle for its extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar sprays. Its practicality comes from the fact that it allows the user to easily pour the correct amount of oil or vinegar to finish salads, vegetables, a piece of fish or some pasta. Another advantage: it’s refillable.

Extra virgin olive oil Balsamic vinegar
The Gourmet Vinaigrettes
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